May 23, 2008

Sustainable Specifics for Sacramento

Develop and support (more) classes in traditional crafts & skills such as spinning, weaving, smithing, woodworking, etc.
Recalibrate city utility billing to effectively reward and motivate conservation and waste reduction.
Ban nonrecyclable plastic take-out food containers.
Match people wishing to trade houses and reduce their commutes.
Develop a low-cost community garden design option.
Actively support planting & use of tree crops such as pecans.
Tax lawns & plastic bags.
Develop a permitting process for composting toilets.
Develop a few standard designs & streamlined permitting process for passive solar construction & renovation.
Tax parking spaces.
Convert parking lots to urban farms.
Require traffic calming devices to be bicycle-friendly too.
Revise the vehicle code to give the right of way to bicycles
Require pedestrian walkways to be adjacent to buildings or residential gardens rather than adjacent to parking or streets.
Truly visible street addresses to reduce confusion & needless driving.
Ban leafblowers and other uncivilized machines.
Revise zoning codes to include inoffensive ways to keep chickens, rabbits & goats in residential neighborhoods.
Loans for graywater systems in residential & commercial buildings.
Redesign water treatment processes to compete with bottled water.
Convert parking pavement to water-permeable surfaces.
Invest in children - nursing, nutrition, skills - for elders' pensions.
Design & build a prototype manually-operated clothes washer.
Protect clotheslines, natural landscapes, and affordable housing from the "blight" label.
Recognize that when mothers are caring for their kids they ARE working.
Light-rail to the airport won't be needed when we can't afford to fly.
Delete oil subsidies.
Reduce the workweek to 24 hours so the same amount of work will yield more jobs.

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Jan said...

Composting Toilets:

How about centrally processed composting toilets? Either swapping empty containers for full ones, or any other way--"honey" wagons?

The technologies for living fully and truly sustainably is available, but how to get people interested in living sustainably?

Mr. Jan Hearthstone - ModelEarth.Org .