November 26, 2008

Theme Song for Buy-Nothing Day

Amazing Earth how sweet the air
Her children breathe each day
Blest be Her blue inspiring care
May we be worthy we pray.

Amazing Earth with water clear
That washes every sin
Blest be Thy blood O Mother dear
Through Thee our lives we win.

Amazing Earth we greet Thy Son
Who shines on all each day
His fire can burn at highest noon
For forest shade we pray.

Amazing Earth how good Thy food
In garden, grove and field
So full of thanks for Thee we would
Bless each and every meal.

Amazing Earth whose every race
And bug and bird not least
Are called by Her Amazing Grace
In kinship with each beast.

Amazing Earth we count Thy Blessings
Many more than we deserve
A sin to think we own such things
Forgetting Whom we serve.

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