December 9, 2008

Do-It-Yourself Economic Recovery

     Yes, you can do this at home!
     Reduce your expenses in the many ways that you hear about or read elsewhere. But don't stop there. Proceed to radically reconsider your true economic security, and review future plans for obtaining your real economic needs: clean air and water, healthy food, and warmth. 
     You have the ability to act now. You can convert your lawn to food production. (If you don't want to garden, invite someone else to grow there and share.) 
     You can replace your flush toilet with a composting toilet. (But you probably can't get a rebate on wastewater fees, because the Sacramento building code doesn't yet recognize this advanced technology.)
     You can make your own job, by analyzing what you can make or do that people need or want. The economy is really nothing but people taking energy and resources from the planet, and using them to do things for each other.

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