January 15, 2009

We Don't Need A Mayor on Steroids

     Why did KJ run for mayor if he really wanted to be king? He hasn't done anything yet that really helps anyone who's not already rich, and already he wants more power. He's acting more like Bush - 'If the President does it it's not illegal' - than anything like Obama.
     He's already created a conflict of interest with his volunteer advisors, who work for local developers and their lawyers, sitting in on city meetings. Where is the city attorney? 
     Who's paying for all these clueless signature-gatherers, at $1.50 per signature? I don't think he's spending any of his money. In my youth, people like his deep-pocket pin-striped cronies were called "outside agitators." 
     Why are the signature-gatherers lying to people, telling them it's an initiative for a full-time mayor when that was passed back in 2002? Or misleading them by implying that the main purpose is to make the city manager our chief administrative officer? Where's the referee?
     And how did he manage to get away with these people gathering signatures out in front of Raley's, the same store that told me to get lost when I wanted to table there myself, the actual candidate, during the mayoral campaign last spring? I guess some people are just more equal than other people.
     I'm sure there are many other things to do with all this money that would be more useful to the community. Just Say No to the Steroid Mayor idea.

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