July 14, 2009

Two Reasons Why Bagged Salad Is Bad For You

Even if it's organic, that doesn't mean it's natural. Yesterday, Carolyn Lochhead reported on how food safety concerns are leading to anti-organic over-reactions.
And just because packaged produce may legally be labeled organic, that doesn't mean it's raised on anything resembling a family farm. Organic agri-biz is still agri-biz, and that's bad for workers and bad for farm communities.
So the next time someone offers you some plastic salad or other produce, just say no. Say no for the birds, bees, ants, mice, and all the other critters who God may have asked us to care for. Hold out for food that is alive and healthy enough to entice birds and bees to want some too. Only dead food has a long shelf life, like all store-bought California almonds, now that growers can only sell raw ones at farmers' markets.
Fortunately, there are plenty of farmers' markets nowadays, so we don't have to buy the products of corporate pushers, even 'organic' ones.

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