October 12, 2010

Thinking Outside of the Box on Green Jobs

This morning, the Bee warned us that green job growth isn't going to save the economy anytime soon. But there are many many more kinds of green jobs than just "work to install solar panels and build electricity-powered cars."

And there are more green jobs than I listed 2-plus years ago, such as:

Rural farming
Graywater system design & installation
Rainwater storage system design & installation
Greenhouse design, manufacturing & installation
Rainwater tank design & manufacturing
Mulch broker
Bicycle-power design & manufacturing
Redesign of electric appliances to be manual, such as sewing machines and washers
Caretaker for oldsters who have an extra room and need help

So rest assured that the potential growth of green jobs, that minimize our energy used for meeting our needs for water, food, and warmth, is much greater than realized by those still thinking inside the box of conventional technologies.

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